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Intercleanse Carapax

Carapax design and manufacture metal-textile shelters to protect outdoor spaces for commercial and private use.

Founded in 1989, Carapax has become one of the leading suppliers of stretched fabric coverings throughout Europe with over 15,000 shelters being installed to date.

Intercleanse work in partnership with Carapax and are the sole distributer and installer of genuine Carapax products in the UK.

Carapax also work in partnership with some of the leading companies in the field of outdoor protection solutions. Companies such as Serge Ferrari, the world leader in the sector of composite membranes, Sopranzi Galvanising, Moreau, Descours, Cabaud,  Hilti and Wurth. 

These steel and PVC structures are chosen for their quality, technologies and innovations.

The advantages of Steel:

Steel is a lightweight, durable material that enables reduced foundations plus resistance to extreme weather thanks to a surface treatment of interior / exterior galvanising. The choice of this material makes it possible to dismantle a steel building without destroying it, in order to rebuild it elsewhere or in part. The frame is easily integrated with any environment thanks to a powder-coated finish on galvanising with a choice of RAL colours available.

The advantages of PVC fabric:

PVC fabric has durability, aesthetics and reliability guaranteed by Précontraint® technology with coating applied under tension in warp and weft component form throughout the cycle of manufacture. Carapax has a 10-year guarantee (excluding wear and tear) for winds up to 130 km/h and has also been tested extensively for resistance to hail, extreme temperatures and fire. CARAPAX offers a range of 30 colours to choose from to fit the surrounding environment.

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