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Prison andCell Cleaning

Cleaning Prisons and custodial cells are regularly contaminated by the blood, vomit, semen, mucus, faeces, sweat and saliva of offenders during the course of an arrest or custodial sentence. These areas can also be contaminated by lice and other body infestations and viruses.

Examination rooms, evidence processing areas, drying racks, police vehicles and equipment are other areas regularly contaminated with these biohazards and airborne bacteria.

All of these areas require a prompt and effective service by trained professionals aware of the dangers of these bio hazards so that the holding areas and police vehicles can be used again quickly and without risk of diseases being passed to the next occupant.

All hazardous and blood stained residues and clothing need to be removed and the areas cleaned and sanitised promptly to eliminate the risks of cross contamination. Ozone generators and thermal foggers can then be used to control any type of insect infestation as necessary.

Intercleanse are able to offer all of these services for urgent and emergency call outs as well as regular scheduled visits.