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Health, Safety and Legislation

A Biohazard is any type of biological waste such as blood and other bodily fluid and is likely to contain infectious bacteria. Exposure to biohazards can cause life threatening illnesses.

In many states of America legislation forbids the clearance of biohazards by unauthorised and untrained personnel and this is for good reason.

The result of a serious Road Traffic Accident often leads to blood spillage onto roads and footpaths and it is no longer acceptable to simply wash this down the drains and risk the bacteria entering the water course.

All of our technicians are fully trained by the N.A.C.S.C and are fully aware of the dangers of dealing with bio-hazardous waste.

  • A full Risk Assesment is carried out before each procedure

  • A full Method Statement is written and appropriate PPE worn at all times

  • Safety data sheets and test evaluation results of our sanitizer is available on request

  • Consignment notes are produced for all contaminated waste removed from site

  • Completion certificates are produced after each procedure.