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Extreme Cleaning

Squats, drug and prostitute dens, void properties and the homes of hoarders are often referred to as garbage or Trash houses. Following the evictions or death of tenants many other properties are also found to be filthy and in an uninhabitable state due to long term neglect. Cleaning of this type of property should NOT be carried out without specialist knowledge and training due to the hidden risks.

These distressed properties are likely to contain large amounts of household waste but also hazards such as infected syringes, human and animal excrement, blood, vomit and other body fluids which may have contaminated furnishings, carpets, bedding and flooring. The accumulation of litter and expired foodstuffs also creates perfect harbourage and food supply to vermin. Dry sweeping or vacuuming areas infected by rodent droppings and urine causes fine particles to rise into the air and inhalation of these particles can lead to infection of the deadly Hantavirus.

Cockroaches and other disease carrying pests are also likely to be present and the combination of blood borne and airborne pathogens create a considerable Health Hazard. Intercleanse technicians have been trained to deal with all of the risks associated with Trash House cleaning and are licensed to carry hazardous waste. Once cleaned and sanitised the building can be treated with ozone and fogging machines to clear bad odours and kill unseen pests and mould. We also offer a property restoration service to repair and redecorate damaged property ready for re-occupation.