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Cleaning Process

Due to the risks associated with cleaning contaminated areas, a full Risk Assessment will be carried out before each and every task. The Health and Safety of our technicians is of paramount importance, and only Intercleanse technicians fully trained to NACSC standards will be allowed to carry out any work of this nature.

The area will be assessed for any possible cross contamination caused by previous visitors to the site such as Police, family etc and then sectioned off to restrict entry to the area by any unauthorised personnel.

A Method Statement will be produced showing full PPE requirements and the procedure that will be followed to carry out the particular cleaning task as each will present different requirements.

It is only after all Health and Safety aspects have been considered and complied with, that the cleaning process will begin and the most important concern will then be the avoidance of cross contamination.

Working into the contaminated area a path will be cleared by spraying and cleaning the doorway and immediate floor area with our sanitising detergent. The area will be lightly disinfected but not saturated to avoid the flooring becoming slippery. Once sanitized, all body fluids will be mopped up using paper towel which will then be placed into a biohazard bag ready for safe disposal. Larger items such as furniture and bedding will also be sanitized before removal.

The pathway will now enable the technician to move further into the property without the risk of cross contamination.  The areas around the pathway will now be cleaned by the same method until the entire floor area is fully cleaned and disinfected. In some cases the body fluids may have soaked through a carpet and into the flooring. Porous surfaces like wood may have to be cut out and removed from site for disposal.

If the cleaning is a result of a decomposition the property can then be treated to remove odours and insects by using an ozone generator or fogging machine (see Cleaning Products for further information).