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Biological Waste Removal

The term Bio Hazard is used to describe any type of biological waste and will contain infectious agents, pathogens and bacteria that are harmful to human health.

Any type of human waste or bodily fluid such as blood, vomit, semen, mucus, faeces, sweat and saliva is therefore a Bio Hazard. Contamination is typical on floors, carpets, walls, furniture, bedding, clothing etc and any contaminated item should only be removed by licensed waste contractors.

Few people expect to confront hazardous contamination of this nature and do not realise that an area may be hazardous even if the victim was a friend or family member. It does not mean that there are no dangers present.

Any type of biohazard removal involves a comprehensive and detailed procedure to detect, disinfect, remove and dispose of all traces of contaminated materials.

Bio hazardous material is extremely dangerous and should only be moved and transported by professionals who are fully trained and insured to do so.

Intercleanse are licensed waste carriers full trained and equipped to deal with every type of Bio Hazard removal. Documentation providing full traceability of all items will be provided to fully discharge our client's responsibilities.