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Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

Intercleanse provides a graffiti removal service and chewing gum removal service in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and the surrounding areas of South East Englan

Grafitti is an increasing problem in the UK and although the occasional piece can been classed as street art, the majority is considered to be detrimental to the local environment with strong links to local crime, gang activities and reduced house prices.

Local councils are normally responsible for graffiti removal as most graffiti is carried out in public areas and research has found that "Graffiti attracts graffiti" so the quicker a piece of graffiti is removed, the less future graffiti is likely to appear at the same location.

Intercleanse are a graffiti removal company that is able to provide a prompt and efficient method of reducing graffiti activity with an Environmentally Sustainable Graffiti Removal System.

Earlier approaches to graffiti removal included a simple paint over method or the use of chemicals which also damaged the underlying paint surface. Intercleanse however, use specialist organic products which remove the graffiti from the surface without damaging the paint below.

Intercleanse also believe that the best graffiti removal system is to exercise a Proactive Removal Management approach by coating prone locations with sealants which protect the paintwork and brickwork, thus making removal easier. Murals, fences, decorated surfaces, brickwork and concrete can all be protected from vandalism with clear Anti-Graffiti coatings in either a matt or gloss finish

Chewing Gum Removal

With over 935 million packs of chewing gum sold in the UK every year, chewing gum removal has become one of the fastest growing environmental problems of the past decade causing a real problem for local authorities, transport companies and property owners.

Retail parks, shopping centres and public areas that have cost millions of pounds to develop are being spoilt by the blobs of discarded chewing gum.

Intercleanse provides an economical and efficient solution to the problem of removing chewing gum from tarmac, block paving, stone and most other surfaces.

Our specialist teams use an environmentally friendly cleaning agent combined with superheated dry steam to dissolve the gum leaving nothing more than a damp patch.