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Floor and Concrete

Intercleanse are a commercial floor cleaning company and our floor cleaning, floor maintenance and floor treatment services are available throughout the UK. All floor surfaces will last longer and give a better impression of your business with proper maintenance, and Intercleanse can offer either a planned cleaning programme or one off deep clean to suit our customers requirements.
We have extensive experience in the treatment of all types of floor surfaces and our floor cleaning specialist teams are equipped with the most up to date equipment and materials to provide the best results every time.

Specialist floor cleaning treatments are required depending on each type of surface. Many natural wood floors such as oak and also vinyl, altro, tile and ceramic floors  can be maintained by stripping, scrubbing, polishing and sealing. Natural stone such as granite, marble and limestone may need a multi stage process  of diamond grinding, vitrification, and polishing to rejuvenate and restore the surface.

Concrete Polishing

Many floors in retail facilities, warehouses and factories are concrete with a protective paint sealant. Unfortunately not all painted surfaces are able to withstand the rigours of heavy traffic and forklifts without marking and scuffing and industrial floor cleaning of this nature often leaves disappointing results and ongoing repainting costs.
Intercleanse can overcome this problem by offering a concrete polishing service which is both cheaper and longer lasting than the painted option.

The Diamond Floor Cleaning System is a new way to mechanically treat and maintain floors using industrial diamonds and is part of an eco friendly cleaning revolution.

Billions of  microscopic diamonds are embedded into pads which clean and polish many types of flooring without the need for chemicals. Regular use will not only increase the gloss but reduces the need for periodic floor maintenance.

By combining the Diamond Floor Cleaning technology with the correct Industrial Cleaning Equipment, the system can be used for heavy duty cleaning of stained and dirty industrial coatings and raw concrete surface cleaning.

Simply put, polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood. A heavy duty polishing machine is used with progressively finer diamond grits which are used to grind down surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness. The surface can be polished to a high gloss that will never need waxes or coatings