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Cladding and Guttering

UPVC materials are much more durable than their original wooden counterparts and are often portrayed as being maintenance free and with a life expectancy of 40 years. Unfortunately due to neglect the average age before replacement is closer to 18 years. In many cases the items are replaced just because they have become dirty, discoloured and tired looking.

The Intercleanse UPVC cleaning service is able to restore most UPVC to its former glory, thus avoiding the financial expense of replacement.

Gutter cleaning is another area often overlooked and resulting in unnecessary costs.

Blocked gutters are often the cause of the gutters breaking due to the weight of water and debris restricting the drainage, particularly if the water freezes and expands within the ductwork and can lead to expensive repair bills.

Overflows from blocked gutters can also cause dampness should the excess water seep into the brickwork and may lead to internal damp spots and the need for the repointing of the brickwork.

Intercleanse offer a specialist UPVC cladding, window frame, facia, soffit and gutter cleaning services to our Domestic, Industrial and Commercial customers throughout the South East of England to include Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London and
surrounding areas.